Lamont’s labours

After reading Janet Ambrose’s attack on Alex Salmond’s response to Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont during First Ministers Questions (Letters, 22 June), I watched the programme again to see the First Minister’s depicted attack on Scottish education and did not find it.

Ms Lamont asked about the affordability of pensions in an independent Scotland and got the answer first time round that Scotland could afford it better than the UK as, in percentage terms, Scotland at the moment spends less than the rest of the UK.

She persisted in asking the question again and again, 
mentioning her O Level in Maths. The worst Alex Salmond said was that she would have perhaps been better with a Higher Maths. There was no 
attack on Scottish education.

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Also, comparing Johann 
Lamont to Gillian Duffy is just ludicrous. Johann Lamont is the leader of the Labour Party in Scotland, a seasoned politician who cannot even bear to mention the name Alex Salmond – she refers to him simply as 
“that man”.

The truth is that the Labour Party has become “realistic” under her leadership, meaning that it agrees with the Tory 
policy of cuts and will not 
reverse them. Johann Lamont did not deny, when asked, that the bus pass for pensioners, free personal care and other benefits are all targets for cuts.

The truth is that there is little to distinguish the Labour Party from the Tories these days, and it is still aggrieved that it has lost its “right” to govern Scotland.

James Morison