Lack of power

Brian Wilson says that the
Scottish Government’s energy policy is little more than a
shambles (Perspective, 11

I thought scientists and
engineers knew this to be the case for some time.

This is borne out by your article in the same issue regarding “new offshore turbines” which states that “the SNP has set a target of meeting 100 per cent of Scotland’s
electricity demand from renewable sources by 2020”.

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I would suggest that it is
impossible to meet this target. Perhaps the SNP could provide a detailed energy policy of how this target can be achieved, firstly, by indicating what would provide the electricity base load and, secondly, what would
provide the back-up for wind energy when there is no wind.

However, if the SNP target can be achieved it will mean that we can close down our nuclear, coal and gas power stations in 2020. Is this a credible proposition?

C Scott

Mortonhall Road