Labour’s lost

Just when you think Labour’s spoilt brats cannot embarrass themselves anymore after their general election humiliation, out comes Clypegate.

Quite aside from Labourite researcher Blair McDougall accidentally outing himself in the process by forgetting to take his name off the Word file he created, this is such a staggering piece of sour grapes from a party with a less than honourable history of using very real violence and intimidation against opponents for decades via the so-called “Labour movement”. Those tweets by contrast are puerile at best.

If Nye Bevan could get away with calling the Tories “vermin”, Labour is hardly in any position to bleat about being called “traitors”, especially a party that once upon a time carped “class traitor” at every member of the working class not on board with “Labour values”, only to come back and bite those same class warriors like John Prescott now merrily warming seats in the unelected House of Lords.

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Mark Boyle

Linn Park Gardens