Labour vision

After a few days of anger and despair following the triumph of the Conservatives and SNP I came to realise that perhaps not all is lost although that does require quite a bit of optimism.

Some will suggest naivety, an accusation I would counter with the submission that challenging times require the exercise 
of some real imaginative thinking to kickstart the necessary processes.

It primarily calls for the acceptance of the First Minister’s good faith. It also requires the election of non-neoliberal-managerialists to the leadership of the UK and (or breakaway) Scottish Labour Parties.

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On the part of the SNP it requires that it takes the foot off the independence pedal meantime.

Above all, it calls for the most unlikely change of all: the abandonment of old tribal animosities. If that can be achieved then perhaps the SNP could provide an example for, and even leadership of, a UK progressive movement in association with a born-again (Scottish) Labour Party.

Crazy? Maybe, but “where there is no vision the people [and the Labour Party] perish” (Proverbs 29).

John Milne

Ardgowan Drive