Labour of love

Your headline, “Labour Party rallies around Ed Miliband” (7 November), merely confirms what the country knows: Labour is in crisis.

And Scottish Labour is not exempt: its senior members are currently in a fight for a new leader and deputy in Scotland. It is an internal election that can only leave a bitter taste as a result of the lack of identity the party has in Scotland. For too long Labour in Scotland has treated the country with contempt, but as a result of this year’s referendum, those days are over.

Interestingly, the other main party in Scotland, the SNP, is 
currently holding internal elections to democratically elect a new deputy leader.

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This is being run as a dignified and respectful event and I am sure all those in Scotland who have for the first time become engaged in politics will be watching the outcome of those party elections with interest.

Catriona C Clark

Hawthorn Drive