Labour dilemma

I am surprised that anyone is confused by the blurring of
SNP and Labour for Independence (your report, 5 July); this is exactly what anyone should have expected.

The thinking process goes like this: “I am long-standing Labour supporter. I am not a nationalist, but New Labour no longer represents my core values, whereas the SNP does, so I switch to the SNP (as do huge numbers of other
Labour supporters).”

SNP then wins an overall majority and calls the referendum. 
“I now realise that in an independent Scotland the Scottish
Labour Party will abandon New Labour and return to its core
values. That’s good, I can return to the Labour fold, but only if we get a Yes vote next year.

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“The best way guarantee a Yes vote is to support Labour for
Independence and persuade other Labour voters to vote Yes. That way we get a Scottish
Labour Party that we can be proud of again.”

Did I miss anything?

Andrew Collins

Skinners Steps