Labour dangers

Labour is now petitioning the public with a leaflet entitled “Ten Reasons for Voting Labour”.

They promise 1,000 more nurses in Scotland, which would translate to 13,500 more nurses in rUK, to be paid for by a tax on properties worth more than £2 million. How many such homes exist, and what happens when house prices fall? They say they’ll freeze energy bills but they do not have the power to do this.

Local authorities already can create jobs for young people, but many of the Labour-controlled councils choose to employ executives on salaries in excess of the First Minister’s, when they could split the job involved and take on three or four young graduates.

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Doubling paternity leave will create a problem for employers and place a further burden on 
already hard-pressed taxpayers.

An £8 minimum wage sounds great but a great many employers simply can’t afford it, and would be obliged to cut work forces.

Guaranteeing a job for the young is a sick joke coming from a party that voted against a 
Budget offering 25,000 apprenticeships.

When New Labour took power, there were far too many loopholes for tax avoidance. Sadly, after Blair and Brown, there were many more. Zero hours contracts are not new. They go back to Labour’s last period in office. Why didn’t they ban them then? For anyone still unconvinced, here are perhaps the best reasons for not voting Labour, (and I’m getting personal): Miliband, Murphy and Straw.

Joseph G Miller

Gardeners Street