Knox grave

The general election is taking up a great deal of time in all the media, including The Scotsman. It’s a great tribute to our forefathers who laid the foundations of a democratic state.

Alas, the person who could be recognised as the founder of Scotland and its democracy is lying in a car park, usually with a car parked over his grave.

The English found the remains of Richard and gave him what was just about a state funeral.

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John Knox, however, remains under a car park, and it is not even a council car park where one could pay to park over his grave!

Is it not sad that this great revolutionary who shaped and formed a new Scotland is not recognised?

Even his statue at New College on the Mound is hidden in the courtyard as if we were ashamed of him.

Knox laid the foundations of a new country which provided a Kirk in every parish and a school so the bairns would be educated.

It is as if we are ashamed of him, whereas we should be boasting about him and at least charging for the privilege of parking on his grave at Parliament Square.

The political parties will continue to ignore him, frightened that they will be accused of being sectarian.

We must be the only country in the world that treats our founder with such indignity.

(Rev Dr) George Grubb

Close South