Kirk stance right

While I am sure the Church of Scotland appreciates the
support of your editorial (22 May) it is, in fact, still the case that the Church does and should restrict being a minister to “only some categories of people”.

Not everyone has the right to become a minister. It should be self-evident that someone who is called to be a “minister of word and sacrament” should be someone who actually believes the word (the Bible) they are supposed to be teaching.

And therein lies the nub of the issue.

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The concern is not with
homosexuality but whether the Church is to be governed by the word of God, or the passing
fashions of the age.

The old adage remains true –she who marries the spirit of the age will be a widow in the next.

David A Robertson

St Peter’s Free Church

St Peter Street


Rev Dr John Cameron is wrong to suggest that the current controversy in the Church of Scotland over the appointment of ministers who engage in homosexual sex is about the right of congregations to choose their own minister.

It is about the Church making an implied official and public statement to the effect that homosexual sexual activity is morally permissible, in contradiction of the teaching of the universal church through the centuries and the clear instructions in the Bible.

As we now hear calls from within the Kirk to endorse same-sex “marriage”, I might be approaching the stage, despite the many faithful Christians still within its congregations, of refering to the institution as the “Church” of Scotland.

Richard Lucas