Kirk beyond belief

REV John Chalmers, the next Moderator of the Church of Scotland, is an old friend and partner in the golf matches between the Kirk and the Church of England, but I think he has chosen the wrong “club” for reconciliation.

As an inveterate letter writer with pronounced opinions on both the referendum and gay clergy/marriage I receive a fair amount of blow-back in the mail and social media.

I have been the target of the dreaded Cybernats, but it is ­mostly good-humoured banter and usually follows any teasing of the First Minister or unkind reference to his white paper.

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Even at its very worst it never descends to the level of anonymous, pseudo-theological, homophobic prurience that wings it way through the mail from ­fellow “Christians”.

The idea – as proposed by Mr Chalmers at the weekend – of a post-referendum “service of reconciliation” from the viscerally-divided Kirk is almost beyond parody and it would be better employed trying to heal itself.

Rev Dr John Cameron

Howard Place

St Andrews, Fife