Kennedy legacy

Prime Minister’s Questions on Tuesday saw SNP members stick to their slogan of a stronger voice for Scotland. They shouted and shouted and got a calm and measured response from David Cameron.

Then came the tributes to Charles Kennedy. All spoke of a man of deep convictions who could debate his point but listen to another; a man of humanity who was liked by all members of other parties.

A man who would not have taken to this modern point-scoring mentality of new politicians.

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A passer-by in Fort William was asked what he thought about his former MP.

He described him as a highly gifted man who was one of us; not a modern, manicured politician, no hair out of place, all sticking to the party script and the stage-managed photo calls. A genuine person.

He had flaws like all of us but in Parliament he was measured and thoughtful. Hopefully the new Scottish MPs listened and maybe learned that adversarial confrontations are not the best way to achieve your goals. Working with others and respecting other opinions can give results.


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