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on THE basis of one conversation with one Better Together canvasser, Gordon Darge (Letters, 24 May) thinks the uncaring and ill-informed attitude allegedly expressed towards those suffering poverty encapsulates “Broken Britain” – therefore, we must vote Yes in the referendum as our miracle cure because we in Scotland are so much nicer. A belief soundly demolished by Brian Wilson in his column of the same date.

I get the impression that this may have been Mr Darge’s first time standing outside a polling station. Otherwise, he should have known that it is not at all unusual to hear ignorant, selfish or eccentric views – such as considering eight million Londoners, faced with grossly unaffordable housing costs and many paid poverty wages or no wages at all, just as elsewhere – to be “bloated”. Possibly he is thinking of the wealthy tiny minority who live in London in staggeringly expensive accommodation. If so, it is at best misleading to sweep all the millions of others into a blanket accusation of being bloated.

Judging by the votes in Hammersmith and Fulham, these fat cats are no more popular there than they are in Hamilton or Falkirk. Let’s stick together!

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Maria Fyfe

Ascot Avenue