“Quick John, start mumping on about FFA again, we need to keep the attention off the NHS and education. If anyone asks awkward questions just carry on with deflect and deny as usual, the nuggets that vote for us are too wee, too stupid and too poor to know the difference”. “Ok Nicola”

- Gruagach

Ah! There is only one wee
problem Mr Swinney – it’s not in the hands of the Scottish Secretary David Mundell, it’s in the hands of David Cameron. Personally, I hope David Cameron agrees to give the Scottish government FFA – it would be the easiest way to get RID of them.

- Dog Eat Dog

Dave Cameron must learn
to let go with wisdom and enlightenment. Unionists must stop hiding from the truth – Scotland has changed – the UK has changed. It’s now time to give respected John Swinney the economic tools to help make Scotland a better place to live and work. It’s what the people want – its what the vocal majority voted for on 7 May.

– Jock Average

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£500m underspent in the
last two years Mr Swinney, I wonder why? Saving up funds for election bribes? No real intention of helping the poor, only using public funds to grab more power!!

– Paradise Island

Surely even nats are seeing
through the SNP recycling this empty nonsense to try to look like they know what they’re doing. They neither want full fiscal austerity nor know what they would do if they got it. Surely only the dumbest of nats will fall for this.


Can any nationalist point
us to a devolved parliament that is more powerful than Holyrood now or when when the powers from the Smith Commission kick in?

– Wooden Spoon For Salmond