John Gibson: Sorry Harry you won't get in here!

CENSORED by Buck Palace? What you didn't see amid the hoo-hah yesterday about the confirmation of Prince Harry as best man at the wedding was a magnificent "sneaky" press photo of him emerging from one of his favourite Soho haunts.

Taken in the early hours on Saturday and, to be frank, he looked like a tramp. Such a scruff, he'd have been knocked back at the door of most Edinburgh pubs. Tie-less, shirt buttons undone, bare belly exposed. The eyes said it all.

So pie-eyed he needed one of his security guards to lend a steadying hand. Not to panic, though. Plenty time before we see him all spruced up for the big day. He'll bring shame to the Royal Air Force if he turns up in their blue at Westminster Abbey.

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Uncle Nicholas Witchell must have a word in his ear. Meantime, this is a mere serf saying "Harry, you're an utter plonker." In days gone by I'd have been strung up for treason.

Key to the code

Heady stuff. Stuart Mitchell and his fellow composer dad Tom's claim to fame in classical music is that they deciphered a musical code hidden in the ceiling of Rosslyn Chapel, leading to the foundation of the Rosslyn Motet. Next performance in the Chapel on March 19 at 6.30. Meantime Stuart, above, who had another of his compositions recorded by the Prague Symphony and lets his hair down playing accomplished jazz piano, is working on a symphony titled Edina, "inspired by Edinburgh's history, architecture and cultural development".

More intriguing, he is "negotiating" for an open-air concert at the Great Pyramid of Giza in December next year. He'll be perfectly at home if there are cries from any Edinburgh revellers in the audience of "Gie's a brek!"

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