John Gibson: Meet the big wheels on George St

Left with it all to do? Hope not. But with the Great Trams Bungle threatening to screw up Princes Street again, it's up to George Street to "do the business" and Josh Miller and Peter Heggie will be the nitty-gritty men.

They are the newly-appointed chairman and vice-chairman respectively of the George Street Assocation.

Says Josh, joint managing director of Charlie Miller's: "I was vice-chair last year and I've been a member for six years, so I've an idea of what the street's about and its role in the changing face of Edinburgh's city centre. We'll be working closely with Essential Edinburgh.

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"Exciting? Maybe it doesn't grab people but for a start we've got brand new Christmas lights and Peter and me, we'll be working for the positive development of the area.

"If Princes Street is closed to traffic, it won't be a lost cause entirely. This time the footpath - the gardens side - will remain open. That was a struggle in 2009. Another major concern for the association will be how our space is managed for parking and loading. We're talking to the city council, heads are together and we're upbeat about things.''

Peter Heggie is general manager of American-owned clothing outfitters Brooks Brothers, George Street Association members since the store opened four years ago.

"With the ongoing happenings to Princes Street, this street becomes all the more crucial, so we we'll be out to increase our membership - and to bring the smaller streets into our circle, so to speak. They have a role to play in promoting George Street and its offshoots as a destination."

Good luck to you chaps. We won't talk about Leith Walk for the moment.

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