It’s not fascist to oppose Putin’s tyranny

In response to Alan Hinnrichs (Letters, 4 March), a fascist government is one where the economy is under full state control, with free speech cancelled, favours doled out to those with political pull and opponents jailed for no other reason than that they are opponents.

This description fully applies to Vladimir Putin’s government in Russia and to the ousted Yanukovych regime in the Ukraine.

It is also worth pointing out that many millions died in that country from starvation in the 1930s when Moscow expropriated the farms from the kulaks.

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To have this happen in a country that is fertile enough to feed the entire world is a damning indictment of Moscow’s rule.

The Ukraine has every right to fear Russian rule and it is by no means fascist to be opposed to Putin’s tyranny.

Bruce Crichton

Victoria Road