It’s hard to trust Brown and his ‘vows’

After Gordon Brown made his speech outlining the “vow plus” proposals for the Scottish Parliament, on behalf of the Labour Party, it was amusing to hear his response when asked by Sarah Smith on Scotland 2015 why Ed Milliband had made no reference to this on his recent visit to Scotland.

He claimed the reason for this was that it was Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy’s job to make the announcements, notwithstanding his contribution. In his speech Gordon Brown spoke of job-creating powers for our parliament. This baffles me, as the only additional power he spoke of was to go further than the original vow on control over welfare.

This is very welcome, but it will not create jobs.

Let’s hope that voters in Scotland will never again be influenced by what Gordon Brown promises.

Jim Carson


Balerno, Midlothian

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He sold the airwaves for billions. He sold our gold reserves for billions. He plundered our pension funds for billions and did a U-turn on his residential property promise into pensions costing us millions more.

He spent the lot and then plunged the UK into debt, borrowing billions to give to backsliders. He panicked before the referendum giving the SNP levers to turn the screw even in defeat.

Now, again, he’s on the stage strutting and pouting and compounding the problems with more promises of more powers for which we will suffer while he is on the speaker circuit. He was hopeless while in power and is determined to leave his indelible stain before he leaves. Go now, Brown, go quietly and go quickly before you cause further damage.

Stan Hogarth

Palmerston Place