Islands retreat

I am delighted to read that the Scottish Liberal Democrats seem at last to be abandoning their position as a unionist party (your report, 14 March). They are now discussing having the British Government cede independence, or at 
least self-determination, whatever that means, to Orkney and Shetland.

As an Orcadian, I can only 
applaud this development.

But why wait until after the Scottish independence referendum in 2014?

Would it not be simple for them to have a quiet word with the Deputy Prime Minister in Westminster, himself leader of their party, and arrange for the British Government to bring such a motion forward 

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It would be interesting to see Westminster’s reaction to yet another claim on its sorely needed oil revenues.


East London Street


Why should Shetland and 
Orkney not consider their 
future? Both islands seem to have negotiated better deals for their residents with the oil 
companies than central government ever did.

Shetland’s schools and leisure facilities looked rather excellent to this city visitor’s eyes a couple of years ago.

Are we forgetting that when the Constitutional Convention met to discuss a Scottish Parliament, many told us that they did not wish all government to be centralised in Edinburgh any more than all in London or in Brussels?

In the early days of the 
Scottish Parliament, some 
committee meetings at least were held furth of Edinburgh.

I greatly welcome Tavish Scott’s contributions to the 
debates about the future of all parts of Scotland.

Moyra Forrest

Starbank Road