For years the liberal progressives espoused “tolerance” as a fundamental virtue, but not any more. Having achieved a position of dominance in the media, ­educational and political establishment, dissent is now demonised and crushed. The era of ­“tolerance” seems over.

The removal of a Glasgow school chaplain because he dared express the traditional teachings of the Christian faith on his personal Facebook page (“School chaplain sacked after calling ­homosexuality a perverted disorder”, 17 January) is the latest ­incident confirming this.

I understand that state school chaplaincy is an unpaid role, but how long will it be before teachers are losing their livelihood over this issue? A climate of fear is being deliberately created.

Homosexuality is a controversial issue, debated vigorously in wider society.

Most people recognise that, but the fierce dogmatism of some prevents them from acknowledging that reasonable and well-meaning people hold different views.

Apparently, turkeys don’t vote for Christmas. I urge Glasgow’s Christians to adopt a similar ­voting strategy at the next council elections.

Richard Lucas



The expulsion of a second school chaplain for expressing religious and political views raises profound questions about the access that religious groups have to schools in Scotland.

Council education officers and headteachers are, in effect, in so-called “non-denominational” schools, acting as religious ­functionaries and censors in determining which religious organisations will have access to pupils and which religious views will be expressed to them.

Is it not time to end religious observance (prayers) in Scottish schools?

This is the only way to ensure that no particular religious group has a privileged position to impart its peculiar perspectives to school pupils.

Parents and churches seeking to impart their beliefs to young people can attempt it at home and in places of worship but should not be assisted in the task by schools which must be transparently non-discriminatory in religious matters.

Norman Bonney

Palmerston Place


Why are people being dismissed from their posts for expressing their opinions concerning homosexual behaviour?

Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

John Kelly

Park Avenue