Interactive: Resist urge to throw good money after bad with trams

Should we derail the tram project now or would that be a waste of what has already been spent?

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REGARDING the recent revelations that the trams debacle may not come in on budget, I feel I have to protest strongly about the suggestion being put forward by those in office that they could borrow an additional 55 million to ensure that the scheme is completed (News, 18 June).

Firstly, what guarantee is there that this extra money will be enough, given that they are already over budget? Aren't the people who drew up the proposals and those who costed the plan meant to be visionaries? Seems none of them foresaw the possibility of an economic downturn!

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Secondly, what gives them the notion that they have the right to borrow this money on behalf of the people of Edinburgh? They are after all only elected representatives of said people and as such are ultimately answerable to them.

There is talk of a referendum on the subject, something that should have been done before any feasibility study had been carried out, but perhaps the councillors weren't too confident about the outcome given the results of the housing stock transfer and congestion charge issues.

It's time to let the people have their say. It's time that the silent majority had their voice heard, and someone should start a campaign to resist this notion of throwing good money after bad.

Cindy Simpson, Moredunvale Grove, Moredun, Edinburgh

Project is valued higher than school

ON THE same day that Edinburgh City Council proposed to borrow millions to save the tram service, Primary 7 at Drumbrae Primary School celebrated the excellent education received from their school with an outstanding assembly of music and dance.

The show was a huge credit to the magnificent staff of Drumbrae. They can all leave aware that they have contributed more to the community than they can ever know and that they are dearly loved.

As Drumbrae Primary closes the doors on 50 years of education for the last time next week the children of our community leave in the knowledge that trams were more valuable to our councillors than Drumbrae.

Karen Keil, Drumbrae South

Bikes are not the problem, cars are

HERE we go again! Another letter complaining about cyclists! I would like to ask Mr Stevenson (Interactive, 16 June) a couple of questions. Firstly, can he provide information on how many pedestrians are hurt by cyclists each day, as he states?

Secondly, can I ask why I have never seen a letter from him regarding the far, far greater problem of bad car driving (or even good car driving since the pollution fills all of our lungs)?

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Why does he concentrate on an occasional minor annoyance, whilst completely ignoring the real problem in Edinburgh (as a pedestrian, cyclist and driver I can say with certainty it's not foot or pedal power that is the problem).

It is bordering on the pathetic to see people time and time again complain about a healthier mode of transport (for all of us), whilst saying absolutely nothing about a mode that costs us all money (road tax does not cover the complete costs of driving on our society), kills and injures many, many people every year, clogs up our streets, continues our over-reliance on oil and encourages a sedentary lifestyle.

So come on Mr Stevenson, please tell us why you are ignoring the elephant in the room?

Mick Geggus, Dundas Street, Edinburgh

Kick excessive TV sport into touch

I AM appalled that police pressure has been put upon retailers in Scotland to stop selling "Anyone But England" merchandise on the grounds that it might be considered racist.

It is certainly not racist to hope, as do I, that England are knocked out of the World Cup at the earliest possible opportunity.

This is the only way that our national broadcasters may be persuaded to stop showing this surfeit of sport and return to more interesting and uplifting schedules.

John Eoin Douglas, Spey Terrace, Edinburgh

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