Insularity risks

The fundamentalists are pressing hard globally (for example, Boko Haram now controls all cities in a northern area of 
Nigeria, as reported in the 5 
January Scotsman) but our government’s eyes seem to be 
fixated on being free of Westminster.

Holyrood never passes on an opportunity to poo-poo the UK’s administration.

It’s as though life is on hold until London’s grasp is vanquished.

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In the meantime, global events are regarded as being 

Unfortunately, our future is intricately intertwined with the much wider world, and Holyrood is showing a dereliction of duty by ducking the wider issues in this way.

Apart from pressures coming from fanatics (Turkey’s leader reportedly said that men and women are unequal) and the oil price collapse, which exacerbates fiscal deficits although reducing the cost of living, unstoppable immigration is one example of difficulties that are being played down.

Holyrood wants immigration in the form of skilled people.

However, the EU requires EU citizens to have freedom of movement between all EU countries, and skills are not one of the prerequisites.

We still need our administration to state how Scotland will engage internationally – 
this is a matter that was ducked during the referendum campaign.

Joe Darby