Inquiry fiasco

I am appalled at the fiasco of the inquiry into historical child sexual abuse. It was a completely avoidable situation.

With Fiona Woolf stepping down from leading the inquiry and Lady Butler Sloss doing the same because their impartiality was questioned, I, like many others, are asking the question: is it so difficult for the government to find someone independent to chair this inquiry?

How about someone non-establishment, perhaps somebody from a working class background with some real experience in life?

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I feel desperately sorry for the victims; they need to find closure and some peace. As a country we failed them by allowing them to suffer abuse in the first place and now we are failing them again by the mismanagement of an inquiry.

Theresa May should do the honourable thing and resign. Two failed inquiries now, she promises a lot but delivers little. One question many people are asking is: is this a whitewash?

Gordon Kennedy

Simpson Square