Inhuman abuse

It has always struck me as bizarre that in our society if a dog – behaving completely naturally – bites a child, we punish it by death, while on the other hand the “punishment” for the worst form of unnatural human behaviour – sexual assault of 
babies – is full board and lodging, accompanied, of course, by continuation of human rights – for inhuman practices! If ever there was a case for restoration of the death penalty, it is surely that of the monsters who groomed women to produce babies solely for the purpose of perpetrating such abuse on them.

My mind can barely conceive of such evil.

Surely there is at least one MP sufficiently nauseated by this ghastly inversion of humanity to call for capital punishment for such gross inhumanity.

If not, then at least we should find another way of dismissing them from our midst.

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We can no longer pack them off to the colonies or put them outside city walls, but the only acceptable treatment of such fiends, in my view, is to remove them from our society.

Scotland has plenty of uninhabited islands, and I would suggest dumping them on one of these and leaving them to their own devices.

I would also place them outside the protection of the law, so that if they ever managed to return, they would be at the mercy of the whole population.

Robert Dow

Ormiston Road