Indy in Europe

Gordon Wilson is advocating a second referendum in a few years’ time (Perspective, 11 March). He echoes the current SNP line that Scotland should veto a potential UK vote to leave the EU in Cameron’s promised plebiscite by saying that this could allow Scotland to declare UDI.

You may be surprised to learn that I, as one of the majority who voted No, could consider going along with this.

The proviso would be that those electoral districts that overwhelmingly voted No last September (eg Edinburgh, Borders, Dumfries and Galloway, Aberdeenshire, Orkney, East Lothian) would also have the right to veto the Scottish independence from applying to them and therefore to stay within the United Kingdom.

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Perhaps Mr Wilson will tell us why this is not a logical extension of his and the SNP’s argument.

I can feel Messrs Turner’s and Grodynski’s blood pressure soaring already.

David K Allan


East Lothian

Gordon Wilson says Scotland could declare independence if the UK votes to leave the EU, but he doesn’t expect the UK to vote to leave the EU.

That’s not what the SNP scaremongers are telling us.

This is a disastrous scenario for the Nationalists, because, if the UK left the EU and Scotland declared independence, the UK would keep the pound and we would have to take the euro and maintain the EU’s only land 
border (and immigration policy) with England.

Mr Wilson says the SNP 
lost the economic arguments during the referendum.

That would be nothing 
compared with having to explain to 5 million Scots what the implication was of losing 300 years’ free movement of labour and currency across the British Isles.

Allan Sutherland

Willow Row