Indy agenda

It was intriguing to note a 
recent report from Deutsche Bank which highlighted that many of Europe’s most prosperous regions could be better off going it alone and abandoning the nation state.

It mentioned regions in Spain (Basque Country and Navarre), Italy (South Tyrol) and Belgium (Flanders), as well as Scotland as potentially benefiting from independence.

Indeed, it noted that these nations/regions have been required to prop up their less prosperous peers, with the prospect of lower tax burdens fuelling an appetite for autonomy.

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Highlighted in the report is the fact that Scottish per capita output is 15 per cent higher than the UK and that “the patently unequal treatment of regions appears detrimental to the general acceptance of the current 

Despite the failed referendum in September last year the cause of Scottish independence is still quite clearly firmly on the radar.

Alex Orr

Leamington Terrace