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Alister Jack says any referendum without UK government approval would be ‘illegal’

Indy legality

Alister Jack says any referendum without UK government approval would be ‘illegal’

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So the only way Scotland can "legally" leave the UK is if UK says we can have a referendum? Well, you’d better get on and prove the UK is a democracy then boys, and grant that S30, because holding Scotland prisoner certainly isn't "legal" either.

Ally Maciver

Oh well, we’d better just forget it and let them continue to plunder our country. Let’s be clear about this indeed. It is only his opinion. Not fact.

Peter Elliott Smith

The longer they deny the people of Scotland, the more the support for independence rises. They don’t know what Scots are like being told we can’t do something, especially by a bunch of chinless wonders in Westminster who don’t care a jot for the people.

Kenneth Graham

I think Jack needs to refresh his knowledge of international law... oh wait. The Tories don't care about international law, do they?

Darren Ward

Scotland can't afford to pay our share of UK national debt. That's why there will be no referendum.

Tommy Monaghan

Sold his soul to Westminster... sad little man.

Paul Flaherty

So the devolved nations are not even allowed to ask our populations what they want? unless England allows! Is this a fair Union?

Phil Hewitt

Couldn’t we have a unilateral declaration of independence, as Rhodesia did back in 1960s?

Carolyn Seggie

International law will be increasingly referred to regarding this in the coming months.

Adam Sutherland

Might be a great idea, as in days gone by when Scotland was an independent nation, to deal directly with the cont-inent regardless of England or the will of the English.

Jesus Jones

Scare tactics. Project fear. We are past all that, self-determination will succeed and no one person will stand in the way of democracy! November 30 is the date being touted if May’s election is won by pro-independence parties.

Dave Joyce

Let them have an illegal referendum as it will mean nothing and the cost should not be paid by the taxpayers.

David Walters

As much as I think the United Kingdom is better remaining as it is, if one member wants to leave, just let them.

John Gayfer

What is the Conservative government scared of?

Gordon Ritchie

The question then arises, are the Scottish people or the UK government the ultimate arbiters on the question of the continuation of Scotland within the UK or opting for independence? If the UK government has a veto on who can vote, when they can vote and whether or not to accept the outcome of any vote, then any decision of the Scottish or indeed Northern Irish people on their future is not in their hands.

Charles Williams

Currency, border, military, Faslane, Income and expenditure . . . Scot born and bred and no axe to grind, but independently, can it as a country cope on its own? If so, go for it. There is a lot more than a Saltire at stake.

Brian E Murphy

The UK is a union of four separate countries. If one doesn't want to belong anymore, they can vote to leave.

A bit like being in the EU!

Dave Allan

The Union is a contract, one side does not need the consent of the other to leave. Given the way Westminster are acting, we are a colony not a partner.

Donnie Johnston

Therein lies one of prime arguments for independence. a UK party, supported by less than one fifth of the electorate, dictating against the will of the majority of the people.

Bobby Nicholson

He is wrong; if our Scottish courts say it’s legal, it’s legal.

David Richardson

if Scotland can't have a referendum without the permission of the UK government and they just keep saying no, does that not make Scotland a prisoner in the union and the UK government the jailers and not a union of equal partners?

Iain Brown

The union was entered by politicians without the need of a referendum. The union can be exited by politicians without the need of a referendum.

Billy Wallace

This does appear to be run by Scottish politicians with a hatred of England, but the hatred is not reciprocated. If the majority of the electorate of Scotland want to be independent well so be it, but remember, you canny come back.

Tony Ward