Incinerator fears

With plans for nearly 30 large-scale waste incinerators, communities all over Scotland have been placed in a state of fear and alarm over potential health risks.

No-one trusts government statements that emissions from modern incinerators are safe, and there is plenty of evidence to support this fear.

Therefore, over the past few months, we have engaged in an exchange of letters with 
environment secretary Richard Lochhead, who has steadfastly denied that the Scottish Government supports waste incineration and claims we have misunderstood government policy. We refute this.

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Firstly, the government’s Zero Waste Plan states: “Energy from waste has an important role 
to play and could contribute to 31 per cent of Scotland’s renewable heat target and 4.3 per cent of our renewable electricity 

Secondly, the Scottish Government is offering huge subsidies to waste incineration in the form of Renewables Obligations Certificates, worth up to £50 per tonne of waste burnt.

It is no wonder that waste incineration companies are queuing up for planning permission around the country.

We also note that the Scottish Government continues to ignore strong evidence that waste incineration is undermining recycling, and that the UK is no longer in any danger of failing to meet European landfill reduction targets.

Michael Gallagher

Green Alternatives to 
Incineration in Scotland

Precinct Street

Coupar Angus