In search of oafs

I am pleased that David Hollingdale (Letters, 14 July) enjoyed his days at Gullane for the Scottish Open last week.

As he seemed to be pleasantly surprised that nobody booed English players on the first tee, I must conclude that he is not a regular at golf tournaments in Scotland, because that simply never happens and all players are always treated with courtesy.

He somehow, by a wild leap of imagination, gathers from this that what he calls the “oafish element of Nationalism” is absent.

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I wonder if he heard the loud booing of Alex Salmond at the prize-giving, at Castle Stuart, last year, and the booing of Nicola Sturgeon at Gullane? Which “oafish element” then, was that?

James Duncan

Rattray Grove


I wonder where on the scale of “oafishness” David Hollingdale (Letters, 14 July) would place the Loyalist Unionists marching in commemoration of the Battle of the Boyne who provocatively marched on the Catholic Ardoyne area of Belfast?

Or the Finaghy True Blue Loyalist marching band, which played a hymn outside a Catholic Church? And finally, those Unionists who set fire to property, danced on the bonnets of police Land Rovers, threw bricks, bottles and bolts at the police, injuring nine officers?

Douglas Turner

Derby Street