Immigration fear

AS THE debate over Independence has developed, it has been fascinating to read the desperate attempts by supporters of the Union to characterise the ­independence movement as xenophobic tribalism.

That’s looking pretty foolish today following the announcement that the UK government has lurched even further to the Right, making the fear of immigration the centrepiece of its ­legislative programme.

In an attempt to reverse the mass defections to Ukip, Prime Minister David Cameron and co have cynically attempted to exploit the fears and prejudices of large numbers of Tory supporters and others of the far-right.

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No doubt the BNP will be delighted, but do the people of Scotland really want to be a part of it?

Douglas Turner

Derby Street


NEW curbs on immigrants’ access to a range of public services were unveiled in the Queen’s Speech.

The UK government proposes to remove from immigrants the right to free National Health Service treatment, limit welfare benefits and restrict their rights to social housing and the availability of legal aid.

It seems to me the UK coalition is at last listening to the real concerns of the people, especially now that Ukip are a force to be reckoned with.

However, certain of these changes relating to the NHS, social housing and legal aid will not apply to Scotland, since they are devolved issues.

Is it not likely that we will now see a significant rise in the number of immigrants travelling to Scotland to access these benefits resulting in even more pressures on our NHS, schools, housing stock and, of course, our unemployment levels?

Clark Cross

Springfield Road


West Lothian