ID hysteria

Perhaps I haven’t read enough Kafka but I can’t share the fears of state intrusion into citizens’ private affairs voiced by Dr Welford of No2ID (Letters, 22 September) and other correspondents.

Many government agencies – NHS, HMRC, DVLA, MPNI etc – hold my personal details, as well as those of many other people.

I don’t feel threatened by this: it merely reflects the large part the vast majority want the state to play in our lives.

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And what’s not to like about having one card which gives access to all the services to which one is entitled?

As regards identity cards, I didn’t feel oppressed when I had one during the war and the French, for example, who have had them for decades, still seem a feistily independent lot. Whether the cost of such a scheme is value for money is a different question.

The guardians for children scheme I take to be a response to those sad cases which occur from time to time of a child abused even unto death and whose plight escaped notice.

Whether what is proposed is proportionate or likely to be effective is another matter but I don’t think the near hysteria over Big Brother which some express will help in finding a 

S Beck

Craigleith Drive


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