I do believe

On Thursday night Andrew Neil, marking the death of folk singer Pete Seeger, closed his This Week political television programme by playing a recording of Seeger’s We Shall Overcome, the standard for which he was best-known, over film of David Cameron being welcomed to a banquet in the City of London, to the synchronised applause of his City paymasters.

The unmistakable and insulting message of that juxtaposition – “we keep what we have” – was that the swiftly widening economic gap between the wealthy and the poor may now be too vast to be bridged by wholly peaceful means.

The million-plus of young men and women to come, whose future will be either poorly paid employment, or none at all, for the whole of 
their lives, will not always sit passively as life passes them and their children by, and others grow fat.

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It is inevitable that one day they will organise.

David Fiddimore

Calton Road