Human rights

I simply cannot let the false claims of Mr Munjed Al Qutob (Letters, 16 June) go unchallenged. While it is clear the Sudanese leader should be arrested or at least investigated for human rights abuses against the South Sudanese people, it is not true to say Israel commits the same type of abuses and “land grab” as Mr Qutob claims.

As, the independent watchdog that monitors democracy and the status of human rights and freedoms around the world, shows, the top 50 worst abusers include 16 Islamic countries, with Gaza under Hamas in 16th place, while Israel is 150 from 176.

I suggest Mr Qutob protests for human rights freedoms under all these dictators instead of spreading more hatred against Israel, ironically the very country to which so many of the Sudanese refugees have fled.

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R Oakley

Esslemont Road

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