Housing shortage

The waiting lists for social housing in England and Wales has grown from around a million in 2001 to two million today.

Government household projections show that England will need to build 232,000 social houses per year or 5.8 million homes between 2008 and 2033. Two million of these will be as a direct result of immigration.

So the social housing demand caused by immigration can only be satisfied by building 200 extra homes every day until 2033.

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So where exactly do we get the money to fund this? Certainly not from the taxes raised from immigrants.

David Cameron proposed on 25 March that immigrants should wait two-to-five years before becoming eligible to 
join the social housing waiting list.

This is an excellent idea since many would-be immigrants will not bother coming if they are not eligible for social housing and welfare.

Still think that uncontrolled immigration contributes to the economy?

Clark Cross