Housing crisis

As the Scottish Government looks for new input and ideas on the future of land reform, it is crucial the focus falls on the country’s main use of land – housing and the provision of homes.

More people own land through home ownership in Scotland than any other form of land use – 1.47 million at the last census along with more than 900,000 tenants who have a stake in their property even if they don’t have the title deeds.

And, with £325 billion in land value locked up in our homes – twice Scotland’s total current GDP – the question is whether Scotland can afford the dire consequences of an unstable housing market, now and in the future.

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Today there are 150,500 people on local authority housing waiting lists across Scotland, an undeniable fact that shows the high pressure currently being exerted on Scotland’s housing system.

If the Scottish Government is serious about delivering a radical land reform agenda, then they must ensure that housing is at the heart of any programme that is brought forward in this regard.

Adam Lang

Shelter Scotland

South Charlotte Street