Hospital parking

I have had the misfortune to need to visit the orthopaedic department at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh six times since last November.

Each time, I had to be there after midday, and the adjacent car park was closed. On each occasion there were vacant spaces and cars exiting every two or three minutes.

This week, I arrived at 1:20pm to find the car park closed. There were 11 vacant spaces close to the barriers and cars were leaving regularly. By 2:35pm, at least 24 cars had left but the car park was still closed. The loss of income during that time was approximately £50.

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It borders on the incomprehensible that an organisation which is so greedy for revenue that it refuses to provide free car parking should be so incompetent and lazy that it can afford to lose £50 an hour on any day, on any week in its smallest car park probably throughout the year.

I assume the organisation believes it is too big to be sued for breach of contract in failing to provide adequate car parking facilities.

Alex Brown

Lanark Road West