Honest concerns

I genuinely worry about what the vision of an independent Scotland looks like. This worry was certainly not helped by the white paper, which only served to hide the detail that the SNP would want to gloss over.

Currency is another very obvious worry for us all, as are pensions, start-up costs, jobs and many other issues. If the SNP deserves credit, it is surely for its ability to avoid stating fact. The recent announcement of funding for an initiative to reduce the cost of offshore wind energy ­illustrates the points.

According to the First Minister, the target is for “the equivalent of 100 per cent of Scotland’s electricity consumption to come from renewable sources by 2020”.

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Why is this not simply 100 per cent of our consumption? It is obviously because renewables will generate less energy than we need during those cold, winter spells of dense stable air, and more than we can consume during the windy spring and ­autumn spells (when we won’t be able to sell on any surplus).

Surely honesty and facts would have been the best policy in the lead up to a crucial vote? It would certainly help to allay the worries that many of us have.

Ken Currie

Liberton Drive