Home thoughts

How much public money will the prematurely presidential First Minister expose to risk by re-running of the damp-squib “Year of Homecoming” (your report, 28 March)?

Furthermore, will the cost of the questionable three-day celebration of the Battle of Bannockburn be allotted to the expenses of the Yes campaign? It certainly should be as the event is clearly intended to further the Nationalists’ cause.

R A Wallace

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I doubt very much that the many charities and companies that were left unpaid from the disaster and shambles of the 2009 Homecoming will be willing to have their fingers burnt yet again in 2014.

There are some unique challenging sporting events for Scotland in 2014 and these should be the focus for the Holyrood administration in promoting Scottish tourism. It should not be diluted with a tacky tartan clan gathering.

Dennis Grattan

Mugiemoss Road

Bucksburn, Aberdeen