Histrionics ahoy

I AM tired, tired, tired of being subjected to pro-Union histrionics in the pages of The Scotsman by the likes of Brian Wilson (Perspective, 1 May).

The attacks on Alex Salmond in particular, and the SNP and Yes campaigns in general, are becoming more risible by the day.

Let’s not forget that Mr 
Wilson was the chairman of the Labour Vote No campaign in 1978. When devolution was voted for, his most memorable comment at the time was “devolution is a disaster for Labour”.

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No mention of Scotland, just Labour.

Mr Wilson still appears not to be interested in what’s best for Scotland. His extremely partisan political views only encompass a vision for Scotland as a prop to rUK, which is exactly what the Scottish 
Labour Party is in relation to Westminster Labour.

Hopefully, with independence, Mr Wilson will rethink whether he should remain in Scotland, when it will be under such a frightening regime of freedom.

C Murphy

West Calder

West Lothian