High risk

As referendum fever gains momentum in favour of
a Yes vote, I find it incredulous how individuals will sign up blindly to something which is highly questionable and with the
prospect of such devastating consequences should it all go pear-shaped.

Far too little information has been made available for anyone to reach a balanced decision and I find the “for and against”
outpourings of both camps
hilarious with regard to their logic, or rather lack of it.

The legacy handed down by the Blair administration has left many Scots disheartened and showing their contempt in such diverse voting at the last
election, particularly in the
Labour heartlands, unseated in many of the traditionally held strongholds.

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Undoubtedly, we desperately need change, but change for the better, not digging an even
bigger hole to get us out of the previous one. Regardless of a Yes or No vote, we need a government that will be accountable and prioritise in favour of the needs of the country.

The millions that have been soaked away on lame ducks such as the tram system in Edinburgh, the Holyrood eyesore, and the millions that continue to be spent on ridiculous and unneeded traffic systems needs to be brought to an end so that much needed funding can justly be
allocated to the health service, education, adequate police and fire services and housing.

Signing up for a Yes vote can only be equated to visiting a loan shark, signing on the
dotted line and leaving it up to the shark to fill in the amount once you have left.

John Belford

Galashiels Road

Walkerburn, Borders