High price to pay for the poor pigs

CLAIRE Black writes, “I’ve been riffing on a theme of ‘just because you can, doesn’t mean you should’ this week”, adding that it was a bacon roll that kicked it off. (Claire Black’s Week, 24 August).

She certainly has hit the nail on the head. Having learned of the extortionate price charged for an unappetising bacon bap in a service station, Ms Black complains: “that doesn’t make it right”.

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There is another way of looking at it though. Even if the bacon roll was “inedible”, the price isn’t really that much compared with the price that the pigs have to pay to provide bacon butties for those who choose to eat them.

Animal Aid is running a campaign to make it mandatory for all slaughterhouses to have CCTV cameras installed. If Ms Black logs on to their website and clicks on the www.slaughterhousecctv.org.uk link, she will see a video which should convince her that just because you can eat pig flesh, doesn’t mean you should.

Sandra Busell, Edinburgh