Heavy duty

I AM not surprised that Dr John Cameron is an admirer of Allan Massie’s arguments on obesity (Letters, 13 June), since his own arguments leave me puzzled.

Nowhere did I argue that cost should not be considered in addressing the expenditure by states on health – but the 17 per cent of GDP figure for the US indicates mainly that it has an insurance-based private system, with a large proportion of the population uninsured. America also has the biggest problem with obesity.

In Dr Cameron’s world, an obese population is a better population, because the fatter you are, the more diseases you contract, and you die off sooner – so much more convenient in terms of the proportion of GDP spent. If we get everyone fatter, our health costs go down.

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There has got to be something wrong with that kind of ­

Crawford Mackie

Loughborough Road

Kirkcaldy, Fife