Heat advice

After reading Bill Jamieson’s amusing article about government advice on coping with heat waves, and on keeping safe when holidaying abroad (Perspective, 2 July), I was glancing through your “Now and Then” column when my eye was caught by an incident which occurred on 2 July, 1843, in South Carolina.

During a thunderstorm on that day, an unfortunate alligator apparently fell from the sky and landed in the middle of Charleston.

My first thought, after a moment of empathy for the wind-borne reptile, was to wonder under which category our government would place this memorable event – travel, or weather. Perhaps both.

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“During thunderstorms in South Carolina, remember to keep looking up when walking outdoors. If you are struck by wildlife plummeting from the sky, this will be classed as an act of God, so will not be covered by your insurance policy. And don’t forget to keep your windows open at night.”

Carolyn Taylor