Heart breaking

In September, there will be a referendum. We stand now between Nationalist rhetoric and gloomy Westminster predictions.

When Québec sought independence from Canada, Canadians from across the country told Québec they wanted to stand together in the service of their country. Canada remains together today, not because of slogans, but because it was clear that all Canadians served a common purpose. We were living there then. French language rights were guaranteed in Canada.

More powers could devolve from Westminster to Edinburgh.

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Whatever happens here will certainly involve millions of people who have a dual cultural inheritance and who find it preferable to describe themselves as British. As an Anglo-Scot, with a Scottish father and an English mother, I am very proud to think of myself as British.

Whether we stay together or not has nothing to do with the artificial political slogans on either side of this debate. We have our differences. It would be foolish not to recognise that. We have kinship ties and shared experience. We ought to focus on all we share and the deep-rooted respect we have for one another.

I love Scotland. I was born in Devon. A break would tear me apart.

(Rev) Ewan A

Tuddington Gardens

Wells, Somerset