Health warning

Patricia Farrington (Letters, 17 June) is going to vote Yes to 
independence because she fears for the future of the ambulance service in Scotland if a No vote is returned.

Is she aware that the NHS in Scotland is devolved to Holyrood and that the ambulance service comes under NHS Scotland?

More worrying for Ms 
Farrington should be the state of the devolved health service in Scotland with filthy hospitals, consistent failure to meet waiting time targets and under-staffing.

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Aberdeen A&E does not have enough middle-grade doctors and is struggling to cope. The situation will be even worse at the end of the summer.

The problem is reflected across Scotland.

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In addition to failing hospitals we have crumbling schools with thoroughly demoralised staff, libraries and police stations being closed, potholed roads and in Renfrewshire a public garden was stripped of all its shrubs, roses and flowers because the council couldn’t afford to maintain it.

Perhaps Ms Farrington should reflect on the overall performance of the SNP government 
before casting her vote.

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Donald Lewis


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East Lothian