Health problems

Douglas Hogg (Letters, 16 October) has a valid point in questioning the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) lack of preparations and will to stem the tide of Ebola.

However, one must realise that this organisation does not have a magic wand to solve all daunting and dispiriting challenges that threaten our human existence.

Pause for a second and
reflect on whether WHO is capable of preventing domestic violence, sexual abuse, enslavement, labour exploitation,
hunger, non-communicable
diseases, smoking, obesity, binge drinking, traffic accidents, suicide, mental health illnesses and, most
crucially, disasters such as flooding, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes and civil wars.

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It is our solemn obligation as individuals to spur change,
protect the environment, promote equity, social justice and democratic governance and
enshrine the sacredness of human life and dignity.

(Dr) Munjed
 Farid Al Qutob