Health issues

Lesley Riddoch (Perspective, 26 December) demonstrates a decided lack of humanity by proposing that we all get medicated in order to prevent a few succumbing to a preventable disease. If Vitamin D can help to prevent multiple sclerosis and other problems then get on and add it to our bread.

While at it, add bromine or some such to reduce the likelihood of rapes occurring and what about giving everyone a flu vaccination each year and to cover other illnesses why not a dot of statins and some beta-blockers etc.

Why should I be medicated for the sake of other people’s lack of self-care?

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Sort the problem where it occurs; do not try to force people to receive medication they do not require.

The concept is typical of our democratic socialist leftists who believe that everything should be done for the common good and that there is no need for people to have to do for themselves, let alone look after themselves for their own benefit.

No wonder we are in the mess we find ourselves.

If someone does not get enough Vitamin D, kick them outside for a few hours a day or teach them to play tennis or take up hillwalking.

We and they know the cure; let them act on it, but save me from being poisoned for their misfortune.

Ian Ross

Eden Lane