Head of state

Brian Monteith (Perspective, 23 June) is a bit unimaginative when it comes to considering other possibilities for an alternative head of state from the Queen.

There are many home-grown Scottish worthies who would be up for the job.

However, if we really want a monarch, why not ask Prince Charles to be the King of independent Scotland?

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He would be so grateful to be king of anywhere that he would surely take the job seriously. He is a well-known Scotophile with impeccable environmental credentials, and since he got back with Camilla he has cheered up significantly.

And – “King Charles and Queen Camilla” would look great on the stamps.

However, as a convinced Republican, my choice for President would have to be The Scotsman’s own Joyce McMillan.

I have never met her so cannot be accused of bias, but from her pieces in the paper she shows herself to be articulate, thoughtful, and committed to social justice. She is open about wanting independence, but could be trusted to keep all political parties in order if they misbehaved. Go, Joyce, go!

(Dr) Mary Brown

Dalvenie Road