One of the most important things, even the most important thing, that should be done at the G7 talks, which end today, will not happen. At the time of writing, I feel I can state that with certainty.

Greta Thunberg, who became vegan while still very young, practises what she preaches

What should happen is that every individual taking part should be required to state whether he/she consumes an animal-based diet, then the two lists should be reported. I suspect that those who do would be the much longer of the two lists; we could then see, at a glance, who are the participants who genuinely care about those who are less well off,specifically those, including children, who are literally starving to death.

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Every year, countries in the west import huge amounts of food from countries where people are starving, to provide food for animals to eat, to fatten them up, so that we in the supposedly civilised west can then eat them.

Thus many of those who claim to care about the starving and who want to do something about it choose not to do the one thing all of them could do, if they were only willing to do it – ie give up eating an animal-based diet. The one unpalatable fact they can't avoid is that, while they continue to consume animal flesh and dairy products, they are complicit in causing people, including, children, to starve.

Many made fun of Greta Thunberg when she started talking about ckimate change but, being also concerned about the starving and the horrific cruekty suffered by animals in the animal food industry, she became vegan when still very young. Unlike so many others, Greta practies what she preaches. Many others, so much older and supposedly wiser, could learn a lot from her – and follow her example.


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