Harsh words

We have all grown very accustomed to Lesley Riddoch railing against the UK in her self-appointed role as cheerleader in chief for Scottish Nationalism, but with Monday’s article she really excelled herself.

The knock-out quote was the bold statement that “naked greed has become the main driver in British society” – this apparently based on the evidence of there being numbers of billionaires in Britain and also that Katie Hopkins gets a lot of profile from saying outrageous things.

While not particularly wanting to defend billionaires (although I suspect like every other walk of life they do include some caring and generous people) and still less Katie Hopkins (who I also suspect is not quite as awful as she sometimes appears) nevertheless, it does seem a tad harsh of Lesley to apparently write off the entire 65 million British people as being mainly driven by greed based on the supposed shortcomings of a handful.