Guiding light

Richard Lucas and Derrick 
McClure (Letters, 22 June) may like to check some facts about the Girl Guide movement before attacking its new inclusive promise.

During the consultation on this, Girlguiding UK issued a series of FAQs, with one of these being “Is Girlguiding UK no longer a Christian organisation?”

The answer given was: “Girlguiding UK has always been open to girls of all faiths and none – we have never been a Christian organisation.” It would appear, therefore, that notwithstanding the outmoded reference to “God” in its previous promise, the motivation behind the movement has not been a Christian one.

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Perhaps, instead, it simply remains all the good things Girlguiding stands for: service 
to the community; respect 
for individuals and society; companionship and personal growth.

There is no need for supernatural belief to detract from that mix and create division and exclusion in the ranks.

Alistair McBay

National Secular Society

Atholl Crescent, Edinburgh